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Moisture Away®

Moisture Away® is a perforated wallcovering that helps prevent and control mildew by allowing moisture trapped in walls to dissipate through evaporation. It is recommended for use in locations where you have water problems beyond the normal moisture associated with humid climates.
Moisture Away® Backing Moisture Away® can be manufactured with the NaMil-Trac® synthetic backing or with U.S. Vinyl's regular cotton backing.

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In 1988 U.S. Vinyl Manufacturing Corporation developed our Moisture Away® process which allows our wallcoverings to breathe. Moisture Away is a micro-venting process that allows moisture trapped in substrate walls to evaporate through the vinyl, allowing the substrate walls to remain dry.

By allowing trapped moisture to evaporate our Moisture Away process prevents the deterioration of drywall, rusting of conduits, metal framing members, etc. due to moisture trapped within substrate walls. Allowing the walls to breathe also prevents the stagnant odors often associated with wet walls. Normally only exterior walls produce the condensation of moisture commonly
known as “cool side walls”.

U.S. Vinyl can provide our Moisture Away process to any wallcovering we manufacture. As this is performed during the final stage of production, it can be applied to only the quantity of wallcovering necessary without any visible difference as it is the same dye lot.

Installation of wallcoverings with the Moisture Away process is standard because the tiny perforations are too small for normal liquid-state water, adhesives, etc. to pass through.Our Moisture Away was tested in 1991 for water vapor transmission according to ASTM-E95 procedure showing that this process makes our wallcovering very breathable.

Water vapor transmission rate
(Grams 1sq.m/24hr.)*
277, 284, 242 = Average 268

Based upon the above results, the indications are that the material exhibits good breathability
characteristics and would allow the dissipation of moisture behind the wallcovering.

*complete test results available upon request