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Use this calculator to determine the approximate amount of material you need. Yards are calculated based on 54" wide material. Formulas may vary according to repeats and field conditions.
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  1. Choose and upload your original Mural or Digital Print artwork here. Request upload access password
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  2. Accepted file types: psd, eps, jpg, ai, pdf, tif, indd, qxd, zip, sit
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We are always willing to accommodate you. However, for quick service and to avoid delay, the following guidelines have been provided for art submission.

Art Setup

  • Please set up your file at 10% scale, with embedded graphics at least 720 dpi. For a 5’H x 10’ W banner, your file size is 6”H x 12”W.
  • Be sure to include 0.1" bleed outside the trim edge (trim area) on all four sides. Bleed area (bleed edge) will be trimmed off so the artwork goes to the edge of the material.
  • Keep critical live art (live area) 0.1" inside the trim edge (trim area).
  • Accepted File Formats include:
    • Adobe Illustrator (.eps, .ai)
    • Photoshop (layered .psd preferred)
    • InDesign (include all linked graphics & fonts)
    • QuarkXPress (include all linked graphics & fonts)
    • (note: DO NOT flatten Photoshop files)
  • All electronic files should be accompanied by a composite .PDF
  • All fonts must be converted to paths. If possible, fonts should also be included.
  • 72 dpi at full size (720 dpi @10% scale) is optimal for photographic images, and any vector art/copy will print at highest possible resolution.
  • Set up photographic images in CMYK color mode; please provide a matchprint.
  • PMS numbers should be assigned to all vector art and copy.

 File Delivery

Two easy ways to get your original artwork to us:

  1. Upload Artwork.
    The Upload Artwork box requires a special password.

    CLICK HERE to request the Upload Artwork password.

    Use the UPLOAD ARTWORK box at left to upload your original Mural or Digital Print artwork. Your email address is required in addition to the special permission password. Please review the Digital Art Requirements BEFORE uploading artwork files. For best results, ZIP or compress/stuff your files before uploading. 

    The following file types are allowed:
    .psd, .eps,. jpg, .ai, .pdf, .tif, .indd, .qxd, .zip, .sit

  2. Matchprints and disks (CDs or DVDs) can be mailed to:
    USV Digital Division
    1766 Broomtown
    LaFayette, GA 30728
    Attn: Barbara Desmond
    All disks should be accompanied by a color hard copy of the art!

Important: Art files must be received and approved for production no less than ten business days from the requested posting date to avoid rush fees. Contact your sales representative when the artwork is completely uploaded and indicate the file name.

Need Help? USV will gladly design your artwork for $75/hour. Call 800-633-6425 and get started right away!